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Steam Revolution Visits: Stephenson High School

Steam Revolution Visits: Stephenson High School to discuss with students about the upcoming Ten80 national competition.
H.R. 1036 addresses a critical area of importance to Georgia’s technology industry—its future workforce. The technology industry in Georgia is rapidly growing and maintaining a pipeline of qualified students will keep Georgia at the leading edge of technology and innovation.  Georgia is the leading state in several sectors, including financial technology, information security, and health information technology.

Ten80 STEM Explosion Atlanta

This event was a Premier engage an exciting event for steam learning we were able to bring together over 30 high schools have participated in this event 12 of those high schools received an army sponsorship for a model size race car to participate in our national stem league competition. We had many special guest and visitors gold medalist Michelle Kwan paid us a visit and we were privileged to be a part of this major production

STEAM Revolution - Engage & Excite!

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STEAM Revolution- Envision the Dream Event

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