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STEAM Revolution visits Miles College for BCGA Gaming Tournament

March 11th 2023

Over the weekend we were excited to represent @thesteamrev at the BCGA Black College Convention esports tournament. I was joined by an esteemed channel of Blockchain and AI experts. @futureprooforg @opinizeunltd @nexteragamer @redpillar44 and The panelists discussed the potential of blockchain technology and AI to revolutionize the gaming industry and create new opportunities for aspiring gamers. They highlighted how blockchain-based gaming platforms can provide increased security, transparency, and user control, while AI can enhance the gaming experience through personalized content and advanced analytics.

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The panelists also discussed the current and potential use cases of blockchain and AI in gaming, including in-game purchases, esports betting, and fraud detection. They emphasized the importance of developing skills and knowledge in both blockchain and AI to succeed in this rapidly evolving industry.

The best part was networking with the students and watching them go for the grand prize in the Rocket League tournament and NBA2k tournament.

Overall, the panelists agreed that blockchain and AI will continue to play a major role in shaping the future of gaming, providing new opportunities for both players and developers. Aspiring gamers should keep a close eye on these technologies and seek out opportunities to learn and get involved in this exciting field.

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