Diversity in Gaming will bring Georgia tremendous growth

Diversity in Gaming will bring Georgia tremendous growth

Georgia is on the rise for many reasons. One reason in particular is that they have taken the bold step to recognize competitive gaming, also known as eSports, as a high school sport. This opens up tremendous opportunities for the students of Georgia. Not only will they be able to hone their skills in a competitive arena, but they will also be given scholarships and other forms of financial aid to attend the best schools in the state. However, there is one issue that has yet to be addressed: diversity. With Gaming projected to be a multi-billiion dollar industry in 2021 and growing in 2022, what used to be child’s play is now employment for many professionals and amateurs alike. This has gotten gamers on the radar for college and university executives to seek to make fast changes to adapt to the coming job markets.

One of the largest schools in Georgia, Kennesaw State University (KSU), has stepped up to the plate and offered scholarships for competitive gaming. KSU was one of the first universities in America to offer eSports as a varsity sport and they’ve had tremendous success thus far with their team. But there is still a challenge in the area of Diversity and Inclusion. While the T.V. screens are full smiling faces of youth who have found a way to make a profession out of doing what they love to do, there is still a gap in the diversity of communities who’ve yet to realize this opportunity.

Can Georgia continue to lead the way? Can we guide the ship to prosperity through the lens of excitement and entertainment? Blockchain, gaming and employment are all at the forefront of this discussion.

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