STEAM Revolution Gaming Solution

We enable the decoration of outfitting parts & furniture OR an investment proposal for any interested investor on integrating system, games, PC, decoration, furniture, and installation.

For Commercial

The Ultimate Esports Center Solution

We provide a turnkey solution for any esports arena set up in North America and GCC Or supply the Esports decoration and furniture base on the actual size of each venue to any the rest of the countries or upgrade an existing venue into a complete ‘RGB” futuristic atmosphere.

Hotel Solution

Esportize Furniture for Cafe & Office

The Out Standing Style From Tycipal Cafe & Drink Kiosk.

Esports Academy Deco Solution

E-Sports is a rapidly growing industry with billions of dollars being spent and earned. An E-Sport Stadium or otherwise known as a (LAN Center or Gaming Center) is a sanctuary and home for the casual or pro gamer. It’s a new spin on the old Arcade & Cyber café, with an a much higher earning potential.

Esports Home Solution

Unpack the package. Prepare your tools. Renovate your home.
Let it become your Gaming & Design Studio

Create A Stunning Gaming Environment

We are here to take your vision to the next level with our world class e-sport products offering.
Please reach out to us today. We will be immensely happy to do business with you.

World First Smart
Gaming Furniture

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