Georgia Regional STEAM Workforce plan.

Advancing Georgia’s workforce in STEAM careers is going to take a very coordinated effort.   This won.t be an opportunity to take a singular swipe at an initiative and magically see new results.   When it comes to changing the career pipelines to ensure that our children and young adults are properly equipped we will have to look at something radical, something transformative, and something disruptive.   It will take a nearly revolutionary styled change.   One of those key components I believe is the implementation of Regional Innovation Centers.   Every Region of every state is different, they have different strengths and weaknesses.  It would behoove us as leaders in this state to consider that as we seek to infiltrate the educational landscape to apply solutions.

A regional perspective for Georgia’s workforce development makes sense for several reasons. Georgia’s vast geography and large population, as well as the state’s diverse mixture of urban, suburban, and rural areas and multiple sectors, challenge the idea of a “one-size-fits-all” approach to workforce development for Georgia’s STEM economy. In short, what works for Atlanta may not necessarily be appropriate for Macon or Valdosta. Efforts to improve STEM education and workforce preparation ultimately benefit Georgia as a whole, but economic growth remains local. It remains incumbent for regions and their communities to become self-reliant and interdependent economic engines for STEM that involve each region’s schools, colleges and universities, and industries.

We at STEAM Revolution recently visited the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub.   We saw the impact that the regional concept has had on their local economy.   We believe that we can bring this type of energy back to Georgia and infuse it with the natural energy of this great State.  See link below for a copy of this report.

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