IT Was all a Dream!

“The Miracle of STEAM Revolution, is that it was a clear vision given to me in a time where I was thinking about how to Honor the Dreamer

~C. Edmond Henry (Founder STEAM Revolution Inc)


And there you have it.   The Speech that hasn’t been spoken.   The award that hasn’t been given,  the quote that hasn’t been commemorated.  But there it is,  smack dab at the top of the first Blog Post,  the first website launch, the first HELLO WORLD templated, preformatted blog script.


Why is that?

Because its built out of FAITH.    STEAM Revolution is a profession of our faith in Humanity.   We believe that the community deserves our service,  and that the service of our community should be that absolute most premium ground for learning about how to become successful in life.   We believe that service is the critical component for qualification into every major career pathway that man has created, is creating, or can create.   Service to others opens up doors to mentorship in ways that can not possibly be achieved through serving one’s self alone.   STEAM Revolution is a NON Profit organization that puts service at the forefront of the learning experience,  giving practical teaching in real world problem s solving through STEAM Learning techniques that transfer into every facet of life and business.   Welcome to The STEAM Revolution,   this is an era where IDEAS will structure companies that structure communities.   We look forward to building in your back yard.    #STEAMREVOLUTION4418

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