Moms of Gamerz

Moms of Gamerz

Davita is the mom of 2 kids who has been having a hard time adjusting to the world of virtual learning.   They found themselves having fun while playing games, but not so much when they were just doing regular curriculum.  Davita’s kids were so excited when they found out that playing video games could become a career.  They had always loved gaming and thought this would be an ideal opportunity to make some money while doing what they love best!

Davita did some research, finding the best programs for her children in order to help them get started on their new journey as successful gamers; even though it scared both of them at first hearing about how difficult things might get–but then again anything worth doing usually does require hard work right?

Her son took off quickly into his new role as guru-in training (or something along those lines), whilst daughter became more confident after each win she gained from practice sessions thanks mostly due playing her brother into the late hours in the evening several days per week.   His brash style always helped her in her approach against her opponents.

Stay tuned for more about Davita and her two special gamers as we bring you more chronicles of MOMS OF GAMERZ

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