Top 10 Skills to Get You Ready for the 21st Century Workforce

Top 10 Skills to Survive in the 21st Century Workforce

STEAM Revolution is dedicated to building a chain of humanity that will form tomorrow’s workforce into an interconnected community of contributors.   In order to be that workforce, there are some critical skills that must be mastered along the way.   This is a guide to the top ten skills that will not only get you ready for the future, but will put you in high demand TODAY.  It doesn’t matter the name on the building, the demand for these skillsets are fixed, and increasing with their voracious appetites for talent in these spaces.  Use this guide in the future if you happen to ever get off center,  we will create the necessary pathways to redirect you as we go.   Top Ten Skills to capture as a part of this Ambassador Journey are: 

1. Blockchain 

Blockchain is more than just magic internet money. It’s a revolutionary way to store and transmit data online with applications as diverse ranging from supply chain logistics, securing personal information like credit card numbers or social security number; validating identity by proving you’re who say on LinkedIn profiles through votes verifying elections results-to cross border transactions between countries that don’t trust each other because they can’t monitor their citizens’ funds properly without using this technology 

It may not be top priority when looking for new skills but having knowledge about blockchain will open doors in today’s digital world.  These are the critical skillsets you need to claim expert status in this space:

  • Solidity 
  • Cryptography
  • Smart contract development 
  • Blockchain architecture 
  • Dapp development 
  • Data structures 
  • Distributed ledger expertise  

2. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an exciting field that has become more and more popular in recent years. It refers to computer services delivered remotely without any direct input from the user or their device, like when you store files on Google Drive and they’re accessible anywhere! As this trend continues with businesses running exclusively through clouds (or at least making most everything happen via remote), demand for cloud specialists will increase – here’s a few skillset- builders I found who can help prove your expertise:

1) A good way into proving yourself as knowledgeable about all things Cloud related might be by showing off some certifications such as “CMMC”, which stands For Certified Managerial member Of The Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Program; 2). Showcase skills like:

3. Analytical Reasoning

Analytical skills are important because they help you understand what’s going on with data. You could find out why a budget was overspent or figure out how to improve customer demographics and spending habits for future marketing campaigns- no matter the business challenge–there’ll be examples of these types of analytical abilities online.

  • Communication
  • Data and metrics interpreting
  • Data mining
  • Diagnostics
  • Forecasting
  • Organization
  • Problem-solving
  • Reporting
  • Research
  • Troubleshooting

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4. Artificial Intelligence

AI is the future. It can enable machines and devices to learn from experience, perform human-like tasks such as recognizing speech or images with accuracy; it also improves upon abilities of humans by managing labor intensive work more speedily & efficiently! One report states that between now until 2030 there could be an extra $13 trillion worth (in dollars) added onto our economy because this technology has potential for growth – which means you should definitely consider putting these skills on LinkedIn if they interest YOU too…here are some examples: 

  • Machine learning
  • Python
  • Java
  • R
  • Robotics
  • Algorithm development
  • Spark

5. UX Design

We all know that a well-designed website or app can make us feel good, but did you also realize it has benefits for your career? UX design is the key to creating products and services with meaning. This means more than just functionality–it’s about giving people what they need in order achieve their goals while being positive experience overall . STEAM Ambassadors should be using these skills on every job application because hiring managers will appreciate how much effort went into making them happy!

6. Business Analysis

When it comes to business analysis, every professional needs this skill. This consists of the ability identify company needs and determine solutions for their challenges—and there’s no shortage in either! Well-rounded individuals are always going on LinkedIn looking at what kind if thing they can do with their skillset; why not list out some popular abilities? Position yourself to work closely as intermediary between clients/customers increasing overall satisfaction with the project.

The best way to be a successful business analyst is by identifying and solving problems. Problem-solving skills are crucial in every profession, but they’re especially important for those working with companies where there’s always something going on! If you want your career goals aligned with this idea of “business analysis,” then here’s what we suggest:

  • Statistical analysis
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Being detail oriented
  • Process improvement
  • Microsoft Access
  • SQL
  • Benchmarking
  • Gap analysis

7. Affiliate Marketing

This skill is a more recent addition to the power list of LinkedIn skills. Affiliate marketing is rapidly growing and eating into the market share formerly held by traditional advertising channels. It works by using other individuals or companies to sell/promote your product or service, they then earn a commission for what they sell. It’s particularly targeted to social media influencers, their powerful reach means companies can access a huge number of potential customers. As an increasingly lucrative promotional method it’s a very attractive skill to list on LinkedIn.

8. Sales

Here’s a nice simple one. Every commercial venture needs good sales people. They’re as valuable today as they ever have been and this skill stands the test of time as one of the top skills that companies need. Take a look at a few sales skills examples to put on your LinkedIn profile.

  • Client relationship management
  • CRM software
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Lead prospecting 
  • Lead qualification
  • Product knowledge
  • Rapport building
  • Referral marketing
  • Relationship building

9. Scientific Computing

Scientific computing is the use of advanced computing technologies to solve complex problems. It’s the skill set held by professionals such as data scientists, data engineers, and software architects. You can show your knowledge of scientific computing with the following skills: Data Science, Data Engineer or Software Architect.  These are all titles that describe someone who has deep understanding in this field so it’s up to you which one suits best for yourself,  meanwhile stockpile skills in subjects like:

  • Hadoop
  • OpenRefine
  • TensorFlow
  • Matplotlib
  • Debugging
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Programming
  • Cloudera

10. Video Production

Video production is the best way to promote your business these days. Not only does it generate more leads, but also brings in an entirely new customer base who just can’t get enough videos! As we all know by now-you need video content for social media channels like Facebook and Instagram (600% better than print). And if that wasn’t enough evidence already then there’s this statistic: 60% of web visitors would rather watch a short film than read text on any website they visit For such good reasons companies are desperate needs professionals with skills related specifically towards producing high quality filmed works like:

  • Adobe CS6
  • Animation
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Blender
  • Editing
  • Logging clips
  • Pro Tools
  • Transcription

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